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The sounds of silence

Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 08 December 2018 · 65 views

I guess my game is going to have to be silent. I made a .sid file, I found some code on how to activate the SID. I put it in. Nothing. I tried it with just the code, creating an all-new .asm file. Silence.
But at least my game is looking a little bit better after adding the French fry to shoot. That was one heck of a few hours of cursing and yelling.
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I made it a dark sky so you can see the French fry better. It came up on the cyan colored background, but it was hard to see.

Usually the music player routines contain two SYS calls: one to set up the song, and one to execute one frame of music. In order to use it properly, you would need to set up the raster interrupt first, so that on every frame the player routine is called and then continues to the regular interrupt service routine. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want code examples or help to get it running.

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