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Posted by atari2600land, in Commodore 64 09 December 2018 · 65 views

So I had some long convoluted code in order to keep the bits in $d010 under control. Then it occurred to me that I could probably just turn the bits on and off instead of changing the whole value at once. One Google search later led me to how to do this. I added the vegetable in, a lovely piece of broccoli. Thus leading me to only have 34 lines of code expanded instead of a lot more.
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My day began at 6am. While sleeping, I figured that Nine Inch Nails is never going to release a follow-up to the Ghosts project. So I took it upon myself to do so. I had an idea for a song for it I figured out while I was sleeping. I woke up, recorded and mixed the song, then went back to sleep at 7am. It was suddenly 11am. I did not want to get up. I could just lay in bed and sleep all day and night and sleep the rest of my life away, but I figured I'd better not do that. So I forced myself out of bed and began work on the C64 game.
So I was looking through the rest of my blog entries marked Commodore 64 and noticed I was doing reviews of games. So I'm going to keep doing that since I have some games I'm expecting to come in the next few days.

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