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Eating Game Boy

Posted by atari2600land , in Game Boy development 15 December 2018 · 81 views

Since I decided to give up on the Mr. Stick game, and that my batch of games from the first game I ordered came, I wanted to work on a follow-up game. So what I decided to do last night was work on my Game Gear game I was making and turn it into a Game Boy game. Work on this has begun. I spent a lot of time working to make the guy there have enough tiles to be displaying as well as have room for the alphabet and other stuff.
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The mouth is a sprite. I'm making it so pressing A opens the mouth and pressing B closes it. I wanted to make teeth for the open mouth sprite but the teeth came out the same color as the guy's face even though I had designed it as white. So no teeth for this guy.
I am so sleepy. I went to bed at midnight, didn't fall asleep until 12:45am and woke up at 2pm. And even then I had to force myself up. And I started preorders for my first Game Boy game MidSpace. I have 8 copies left right now. More info can be found in the marketplace forum thread I started.
By the way, the name of this game, "Eating", is temporary. I need to find a better name for it.

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