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Alien Invasion

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 16 January 2019 · 84 views

An alien invasion will be happening at my house soon. So I just happened to be on eBay at the right time. Earlier there was also Video Poker, which I would have gotten as well, but I clicked on it and it said it was "out of stock." There was only one and someone else must have bought it, which I don't blame them because it was only $40. So I bought the other one Alien Invasion, which was $80. So I will get in the mail sometime soon one of the rarer Channel F games.
I went to get my Channel F out from the cold pantry. Still works okay. A few wire connectors were loose, so I just blindly guessed where they went. I guess if I need to twist the controller and nothing happens, I'll know why. Never thought I'd get it.
I had to go to the post office because some guy on eBay accidentally sent me the wrong thing. I opened the package and it was Resident Evil 2 for the Playstation and I was like "What? I didn't order this!" The guy apparently had a package mixup. I have been trying to go to bed later since I've been getting 12-14 hours of sleep.