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Return of the cranberry

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 17 January 2019 · 69 views

Something struck me, urged me to continue work on Quest of the Cranberry for the Channel F. Last September, I deemed it too ambitious and gave up. But there was just something that was telling me, "no, this isn't as ambitious as Adventure, and that was made." Albeit for the 2600, but still. I tried to make a heart that gains back health upon touching it, but somewhere along the line I broke the collision detection, and at about 9pm, which is way past my bedtime, I gave up and went to sleep with a broken game.
I woke up and decided to try and get rid of some useless code and merge other code. After a few hours, I was presented with a good, working the way I want it to game (for now.) This is a 4k game, but may be bigger if I decide to get real ambitious with it. I am nearly at the end of 2k, so I am going to see what happens when I go over that mark. Level 2, which will be the second half, will be a snow level. Snow will fall upon Craig's land. And an evil green monster will take away Craig's blue key.
I saw Casino Poker on eBay relisted by the same seller. It's now at $200 or so. I guess he got wind of how much these stupid games go for and decided to jack up the price so nobody will buy it. It just irritates me that people actually think their games are worth more than gold. If you truly want to get rid of the game, you'd think you'd try to sell it for as cheap as possible, not an insane asking price. Or perhaps it's just rubbing it in our faces that he has a copy. Either way, it's really irksome.