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Read, issue 21.

Posted by atari2600land, in Celery comic book 19 January 2019 · 81 views

I made a website for the celery comic book. It is lovely. I've also posted issue 21, and will post issue 27 when I'm done with it. I'll try to write legibly like I did in this issue. Alien Invasion came, and the stupid thing is broken. It won't work. Why can't people TEST their games before selling them? Argh! At least the other, non-Channel-F game I got decided to work, but it was sent to the wrong place. eBay is full of incompetent sellers. And sometimes you just run into a whole bunch at once and it makes you lose your faith in humanity.

Interesting.  It looks like the comics I used to draw when I was 14. :)



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