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In tune?

Posted by atari2600land, in Game Boy development 12 February 2019 · 86 views

I've been working on trying to get some suitable bass notes for the in-game music in Yum. When you work on stuff for so long, it starts sounding "correct" to you even though it may be all screwed up. Such is the case with this. So could someone please download and listen to the songs on here and make sure they sound good? I've attached the file here. Also, I got a new high score while testing the game: 414.
Also, my Pokemon Mini flash cart came in the mail today. I need a micro USB cord to test it, but I don't have one. Don't know when I can go to the store next. The poor dog's legs seem to be hurting, she yelps every time she jumps. So I guess we'll have to take her to the vet. It just won't stop.

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I have nearly zero previous experience of Game Boy music, but that hurts my ears... Barely a single tone is in tune with the others. :-(

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Ok, I located some homebrews from others to compare. While those have more advanced player routines, they don't sound perfectly in tune as well, though far closer to being pleasant to listen to. Perhaps you simply miscalculated some frequency tables or however sounds are generated. I saw there are two PCM channels and one sample based channel?
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