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Sega Game Gear collection

Posted by atari2600land, 18 February 2019 · 42 views

An update to my Sega Game Gear collection. I just bought Batman Forever, Super Monaco, and T2. When (if?) they come, I will have 140 Game Gear games. For the curious, a few years ago I made and now maintain my list of Game Gear games I have.  One day I hope to have a complete collection. Which unfortunately means I will have to buy games I will never play more than a few times. And I'll have to buy games I don't even like, like all those stupid baseball games. And football games. The Game Gear had a lot of baseball games for some reason.
I keep my collection in four bins. I've been busy filling up the fourth bin. I may have to get a fifth one here in the next few months. I wish there was such a thing as homebrew Sega Game Gear cartridges so I could release the game I made for it. To my knowledge, the Everdrive is the only homebrew Game Gear cart in existence. Oh well, at least I can play it on a real Game Gear. I tried to work on my Pokemon Mini game but couldn't get anywhere trying to enhance the graphics. I got a gray shade on the screen, but it went all wacky and started up on the title screen even when I wasn't pressing a button. So I gave up and will just keep doing my dithered colors.