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Yum Game Gear

Posted by atari2600land, 01 March 2019 · 111 views

I decided to continue work on the Game Gear version of Yum. As I left it, it was still the face mouth opening and closing version. So a lot of work had to be done to make it more like the Game Boy version. I played with color palettes, programming various things, sometimes angrily. And I finally got the mouth moving around where I want it, a purple pickle to avoid, and a cookie and pizza with random y positions.
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Since the Game Gear has color, I decided to make the background black because it is when you're on the moon. And I added some stars. It's a starry morning on the moon. The brightly colored food seems to look good when put over a black background.
My right hand is cold all the time. I wonder why. It's colder than my left hand. I'm buying Channel F cartridges for my next game I'm releasing. They're really expensive, like $10 apiece. Is it due to rarity? I don't know. So I guess I will charge $20 per copy. But that's later this spring. e5frog and I are still working on the game.

Yes, looks good on a black background.  :thumbsup:

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