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Easy to Hard.

Posted by atari2600land, 02 March 2019 · 113 views

So I thought it had been awhile, so I decided to play my Switch. First I played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I still think they should have made a Mario Kart 9 instead of just rereleasing Wii-U games. After I was easily beating my CPU competition, I decided to play Super Mario Odyssey. Man, that game is hard. I swear it took me 15 minutes to go around in the Sand world. I retraced what I did accidentally. And then I went inside the pyramid. It took at least 6 tries to get to the top of the stupid pyramid, and then I got stuck on how to defeat the boss.
I HATE GAMES THAT WON'T TELL YOU HOW TO DEFEAT BOSSES. I finally figured out from GameFAQs that throwing the hat at the boss's spiked ball will damage her. That's stupid. I tried jumping on the boss, I tried lots of things, but not that. I kept dying. And then I kept dying even when I knew what to do. And I want to know what will happen if I die when I have no coins left. Is it game over and I have to start from the beginning again? I want that Yoshi game they're making for the Switch. My Switch got warm after playing it for a while. So it's resting. So Mario games ranging from super easy to super hard isn't fun. Why can't they just make all the games a little bit hard, but not too easy? And if I was Nintendo, I would stop putting Wii-U games on the Switch. Because that's just being lazy and dumb. I have to wait for the Switch 2 for Mario Kart 9 I guess. Or else they'll call it Mario Kart 8 Super Deluxe?

That has always been Nintendo's way.  I remember, back in my younger days, even as far back as the PS2, all the Mario games required me to buy the play-guide book.


I love Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, they are phenomenal games, but I still needed to purchase the play-guide to complete them.  I always assumed that their policy was "instruction manual sold separately."  *shrug*



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