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Golf version 3

Posted by atari2600land, in channel f 04 April 2019 · 94 views

You're probably thinking, "Hey, what happened to version 2?" Well, I had some more extra time so I thought I'd put a score in.
In version 2, I added a stream, the hole (which unfortunately has to be red), and hitting the ball. I thought I'd make another version of Golf after thinking about how I would go about doing this. So it will not be like the Atari 2600 and Odyssey 2 versions after all, but a new approach (no pun intended).
What you do now is line up the club to the ball and press fire. Once fire is released, the ball will start moving, the shots taken counter will increase, and the guy is frozen while the ball is moving. When the ball stops moving, the guy will automatically be near the ball. In this version though, all you can do is watch the ball as it moves, it doesn't stop once you hit it. I am thinking that if you approach the ball from the right moving left, that will make the ball move left, approaching from the left moving right will hit the ball right, and so on.
Sorry about the tiny ball and hole. I had to do it that way. A few more hours of coding this game was spent. Most of which was making sure the ball got hit only at the specified place and making the shot counter move up. The one digit number is the hole #. I decided to only have 9 holes in this game because I'm not a golf course designer. I guess you have to go to a special school to be able to design golf courses. I don't know.
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I also made it so the guy can't cross the stream. So the only way to get past it is to hit the ball past it. But now, a short few days' break because I got tired of this.

On the Channel F, consider if you can utilize some of the unique elements of the controller: the twist to the left and right and the pull. Perhaps if you're having a strength meter, make it increase by pulling the joystick and then push down the button when you're at the desired strength. Many golf games for other systems would let you hold down the fire button and release it at a desired point, but I think the Channel F controller would let you do things even more realistic. The twist could be used for possibly slicing shots.

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Good ideas!  wonder if I can figure out how to make the strength meter increase by pulling it up. I've never programmed pulling up on the Channel F controller before. Right now I have it so that firing and holding fire would increase the strength and letting go would hit the ball. Or at least I was planning on it. I haven't gotten that far yet. I made a website for the game, which you can find here. You can download the latest version, which like I said, will be the latest version for a few days while I rest and think about the game.

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No idea, I thought you'd read the controller port and masking the desired bits but I didn't look into the technical details so perhaps it is more complex.

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And then there's the whole emulation aspect. Does MAME have a key to press that makes the ROM pull up?

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It seems to be configurable. I'm using an ancient version 0.80.1 with the Channel F driver. Under Options -> Joystick -> Joystick 1 and 2 you can configure the following controls, with my default bindings described:


Player 1

Up, down, left, right = cursor keys

Button 1 (Push down) = Z

Button 2 (Pull up) = X

Button 3 (Twist right) = C

Button 4 (Twist left) = V

Start (Channel F Button 1) = 1

Button 5 (Channel F Button 2) = B

Button 6 (Channel F Button 3) = N

Button 7 (Channel F Button 4) = M


Player 2
Up, down, left, right = R, F, D, G

Button 1 (Push down) = A

Button 2 (Pull up) = S

Button 3 (Twist right) = Q

Button 4 (Twist left) = W


Player 2 obviously doesn't have its own set of Channel F console buttons so Buttons 5-7 are not defined.

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