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MidSpace version 10

Posted by atari2600land, 15 April 2019 · 50 views

Another day, another programming adventure. This one wasn't very long though, as I am kind of getting tired of this game. I changed the way the UFO looks. It is now green with a purple center. The purple center is a character. In order to not have characters collide, I changed the star pattern (the stars are characters). It looks like a pattern going horizontal, but I try to differ the stars' Y positions so it looks random enough. Perhaps a few days of not working on it will make me want to work on it more. So it looks like this now.
Attached Image
I had to lower that upper star because it flickered once in the ten minutes I was playing it. Like I said, I'm a perfectionist. I will often sit in front of the computer for a few hours in order to fix one seemingly minor thing that will irk me to no end if I decide to leave it alone. But going against my perfectionist ways is often my laziness. So it's an inner battle.