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MidSpace on Intellivision

Posted by atari2600land, 21 April 2019 · 127 views

The Intellivision is way better than the Odyssey2. Due to the fact it has INTVBasic on it. So I decided to ditch the Odyssey2 version and work on it for the Intellivision. I was still having trouble with the UFO missiles and was wondering a few things, but I got them worked out.
I don't do anything special for Easter, so I can devote all my time to whatever I want. I'm saying that like I want to devote my time to being angry. Bah.
I played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for the Switch a few days ago. Discovered I can do just as good on the 150cc and 100cc as I did on 50cc. I was hoping the mirror track would have the cars come at you in Toad's Highway like they did in the N64 version, but no. They don't. Idiots.

Except for possibly the low resolution of 159x96 pixels, the Intellivision appears to be a far better system than one could imagine from the original set of games. It has the frame buffer (BACKTAB), it has the 8 sprites (MOB), it has the hardware soft scroll, it has various combinations of background and foreground colours, it has the AY sound chip and so on.

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