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GoSub 500

Posted by atari2600land, 11 March 2007 · 1,027 views

But first, guess what they had for the Atari 2600 at Value Village? A joystick. That's it. No games, no other accesories, no consoles, just a joystick that wasn't there the last time, which leads me to believe that someone donated a joystick and that's it. Why? Well, anyway, I also had a dream a few nights ago that I was programming E.T. 2 using Batari BASIC, so maybe that's a project when GoSub is done?

And now, to the topic at hand: GoSub 500. It's a mini-game like Indy 500 only it's submarines. I'm not posting the code yet for it because I'm having a little trouble programming the steering, but I will give you a screenshot. Also, I will be adding an electrical charge that you can use to fend off the octopus, but I don't know how the octopus would react. I'm thinking I'm having it swim away, but how fast or how much it would swim away remains a problem. And also, if I use fire to start the game and fire to use the octopus repellent, that would mean that the octopus repellent would automatically start once the game is started, so unless I can make a way for that not to happen, I might move how to start the game back to the reset switch. And here's the screenshot of GoSub 500, where two players race across a track counter-clockwise.

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Oh that will be cool when you get the bugs out.I got to start saving my pennies up for GoSub :) .
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