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Brunswick Tournament of Champions

Posted by atari2600land, 28 August 2009 · 663 views

SNES Reverse Chronogaming
+ Company: THQ+ Release: August 2007+ Size: 16 Megabits+ ESRB Rating: K-ALet me just say that I can't play this game. Every single throw is a gutter ball. I tried various oil patterns, varying degrees of spin and power, and they all ended up going into the left gutter. I tried at the extreme right of the lane and it still went left like there was a bowling ball magnet attached to the gutter midway down the lane. This is the kind of game that makes me wish I was a playtester back then. How did this get past playtesting when every single throw goes to the left gutter? I can't believe I actually found a bowling game I hate more than Wii Sports. At least I can knock down one pin in Wii Sports. This game is fail on epic proportions. The 2600 version of bowling is way better than this piece of crap.rating: 1/10