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iReview: Dood's Big Adventure (part 1)

Posted by atari2600land, 27 November 2010 · 745 views

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I keep forgetting there's more than just the Pen Panic mode on here. But since it's the only one I've tried so far, I'm going to review this and nothing else. There's also some other different games I'll get to (if) I ever finish Pen Panic mode (ha!) So you probably guessed by now it's hard. I was drawn in by level 1's easiness, but level 3 is as tough as nails. I finally beat that sucker and then quit playing (for now.) The object in Pen Panic is simple: either draw bouncy lines to guide Dood, or attack enemies with ink (which is hard because it's hard to hit those really tiny enemies with your pen!), depending on which token you have collected. A yellow token enables the bouncy line drawing while a black one indicates that you can begin the really hard process of trying to attack enemies (but apparently there is no health indicator, I kept on getting attacked and didn't die, so I don't know what the deal is with that). In level 3 there are a few places where you must make Dood jump and then quickly draw another line to make him jump even higher (frustrating!) And then near the end, you must do this with the addition of moving platforms! The first time I tried moving past this part I drained my bonus counter to 0 (the level starts at 25,000). Along the way are optional gray and yellow coins to collect which add to your final score for that level. How to make Dood jump without the bouncy line drawing is move the pen in a diagonal line up and left/right while pressing the button on the side of the stylus. And, you guessed it, moving Dood left and right you just keep drawing "invisible lines" while pushing the button on the side of the stylus. I call them invisible lines because of the way you move the stylus and nothing appears on screen. I think there are 15 levels total in Pen Panic. And don't forget, there's more to the game then just that, but I haven't tried any other modes yet. There's also a mode to customize Dood (if you don't choose this mode, he appears all white, like in the screenshot. (Personally, this is great, as he's easier to see this way!) Well, anyway, part 2 of this review comes whenever the mood strikes to attack this game again.

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