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Alien Invaders - Plus!

Posted by atari2600land, 09 December 2010 · 719 views

Odyssey 2 reviews
Has anyone besides Terence O'Neill ever scored at least one point on this insipidly stupid game? I can't and I honestly think Terence cheated because it is impossible to shoot just more than 2 aliens, let alone clear the screen. Alien Invaders - Plus! is a Space-Invaders rip-off, and a HORRIBLE one at that. Things that make it stupid: #1 - the bottom row isn't able to get defeated. #2 - Once you lose your third ship, you turn into a guy and have to wait for an alien to finish you off. Funny that they know exactly where you are and right when you get another ship you automatically lose one, yet it takes at least ten seconds for a shot to reach you so you could die if you have no ships left. So, if anyone has scored at least one point on this anger-inducing game, you cheated or are an alien that is able to use mind altering control on an Odyssey 2 machine. Should be called Alien Invaders - Minus! rating: BOMB (no stars whatsoever! I'm using Leonard Maltin's rating system here.)