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2-4 beaten!

Posted by atari2600land, 16 February 2012 · 539 views

So I thought I would come back to Super Mario 3D Land for some more PAIN. I had tried beating 2-4 way too many times and I was wondering how come I never got an invisible Tanooki suit. I just had to look before the beginning! So I got it and even though since I was now invisible, jumping into the abyss and losing a life was still a possibility. But somehow I managed to make my way to the flag and I completed the level. On level 2's airship, I died once because of the stupid 3D aspect of it. I thought I was further away from the Koopaling than I was and died. But I then managed to beat it. Level 3-1 was a challenge, but I managed to beat it on my first try (although I was small Mario by the end.) I was rethinking my 9/10 rating I gave it on my 3DS website, but I decided now that I could beat 2-4 that I'll keep it, much having to do with the option of going back to 1-1 and stocking up on lives. The game is fun because of that invisible Tanooki suit. Without it, it would be a hella hard game. Is it just me or do I turn the 3D aspect off to conserve battery life? I don't play the thing as much as I should, so when I do play, I'd like it to have as much juice as possible because I really HATE waiting while something recharges, whether it be my 3DS or my camcorder. Why can't the 3DS use regular AA batteries? The GBA does and it has a whole bunch of goodness. Even the regular DS can't use AA batteries. Must have to do with how much POWER it needs from the batteries it has. I like all the stuff it borrows from my favorite NES game: Super Mario Bros. 3. And by the way, I finished issue 1 of that SMB3 comic I started in November. And I've looked at Toys R Us for Bit.Trip Saga but I couldn't find it there, either! And they put the games in cages when they moved stuff around! Really? How many people think they can get away with stealing a game? Wouldn't the thing at the front go off? You'd think so. So that leaves Best Buy and Gamestop as the only places that don't keep their 3DS games in a cage. I HATE trying to find some stupid idiot to unlock the cages and then tell them which game I want. This is especially maddening at Wal-Mart where no employee ever seems to be at the electronics department ready to help someone. [/rant]

The internal Li-Ion battery in the DS can store far more energy in less space and less weight than AA batteries. Remember the original GBA didn't have a light, which is one of the main battery users.
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