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Captain Bruce news

Posted by atari2600land, 22 February 2012 · 473 views

I said March, didn't I? Well, since it's almost March, I thought I'd get some final preparations done. First up is to staple the comic books together. Next I'm going to copy 11 more copies of the instruction sheet. Then, this weekend, I'll go to Kinko's (I mean The FedEx Store, grumble grumble) and get the overlays done. They'll be the same as Dodgeball's. It'll be kind of eerie since a guy got shot right outside the one I go to a few weeks ago! Cops shot at him. I printed the overlay master and instruction master copies. I did it now since the printer seemed to still have tons of color ink in it. Most everything I print is in b&w, but I got the printer like three months ago or so and still haven't needed to change the ink in it yet. Well, anyway, that's my Captain Bruce update.