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Classic NES Series for GBA

Posted by atari2600land, 24 February 2012 · 377 views

I love the idea and wish Nintendo did some more of these. What I was wondering is if it is possible to take NES roms and put them in a homebrew GBA cart. Like for example, say I wanted to play Super Mario Bros. 2 on my GBA. I know that NES emulation on GBA might be a possibility, but I was wanting to make more Classic NES Series titles. I wonder if it's possible to use the emulator on each Classic NES Series cart and make it run other games and then put them onto a GBA cart. I know that you can rip GBA roms (I've seen links to them on twindragons or whatever that site was called) but I would pay to have the original Super Mario Bros. 2 or what have you on a GBA cart (Yes, I know about Super Mario Advance, but I am a purist and do not like Toad's voice which sounds like nails on a chalkboard, along with the other stuff they put in.) Someday I want to have all the Classic NES Series games. I apparently already have the most rare one (Super Mario Bros.), but I fear complete collections. I have a complete Tengen NES cart collection that I rarely play, but I'd play the Classic NES Series games one because, unlike Tengen, the licensed games are a lot better.