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Posted by atari2600land, 27 March 2012 · 898 views

I've been seeing Angry Birds stuff. Angry Birds pillows. Angry Birds fruit snacks. Am I the only one who doesn't have an iPhone and haven't played this game? What am I missing? I don't know how to download stuff. I have a 3DS and don't even have 1 downloaded game for it. Is it just me? (says the guy who makes games for the original Odyssey...) I only have a couple PC games I bought back a long time ago. I'm going to make a case for VHS tapes. Suppose there's this really long movie you don't want to watch and you need to watch it in pieces. With a VHS tape, you can stop it at any time and take the thing out and it will still be right where you left it. You can't do that with DVDs. Instead you have to go through the scenes menu and try to figure out where you last left off. I'm now wondering why Sony, MS and Nintendo don't have cartridge games. Think about all the info you can store on a cartridge if they made them today the same size as the N64, whereas looking at a tiny little 3DS cart can hold so much. And cartridges can't get scratched easily. I suppose there are cons for cartridges, but I'd like to point out all my SNES and N64 games I had when I was a kid still work. I wonder how Angry Birds would have sold if it wasn't a downloadable game and instead available for the Wii, PS3, PS Vita, X-Box 360 and/or 3DS? It's really sad at least for me that new movies don't come on VHS any more. The only thing I see good about discs is their ability to store music. But even that's being taken away with crap like iTunes. I don't want to download my music, I want to buy it at a store. Can I be the only one that feels this way?

I'm completely with you. I've never played Angry Birds, and our newest console is the N64. My kids have never broken an N64 cartridge... and if they ever did somehow, it'd only be a $3-$10 loss, not a $20+ loss.
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Material goods are making way for virtual goods that are LICENSED not owned by you. You're a dinosaur for caring about such things. Fortunately we're all brontosaurs and raptors here so I agree with you 100 percent!
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My dad plays Angry Birds on his Mac, and I know it's available for the PC, so it's entirely possible it'll show up on other platforms.
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I just finished 16 hours of AB nonstop.
If you don't play AB you are behind the times and pretty much a mis-fit.
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Angry Birds is available to play for free via chrome.angrybirds.com and Google Plus games.

I have downloaded games on my PS3, but not on my 3DS or Wii. To a certain extent it's just a different delivery mechanism (although you have to be aware of your ISP's download limits). OTOH, I prefer to buy a Blu-Ray than to download movies.

Most DVD players will return to the last scene viewed. Unfortunately, Blu-Ray doesn't, but I think that's because there's executable code in addition to the video.

Nintendo stayed with carts through the N64 because they handled the manufacturing and would make profit on each cart made, not just sold. Going with disc based systems dramatically lowered the manufacturing cost because they leveraged existing CD (and later DVD) manufacturing. CD also could store 700MB of data, 10 times the size of the largest (and most expensive) cartridges. The reason DS cartridges are smaller is because flash memory (and other chip technologies) has pushed the density way up. And I don't know about carts being more reliable - I often have to reseat my N64 carts a couple of times before they will start.

But you are correct there is the danger with downloaded content that it might be lost, either deleted or because it requires a back-end server which no longer exists. But this is why I buy movies on Blu-Ray - I'm far more likely to want to watch it again many years in the future than play through Angry Birds.

I'm divided on music. In general, I'll buy a CD if there's enough songs on it. But I remember the times where I bought an album for the single and there wasn't anything else worth listening to.
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