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another Huge Crossword finished

Posted by atari2600land, 28 March 2012 · 465 views

I love crosswords, both making them and solving them. I've made a few really big ones, 29x29, which is bigger than the Sunday ones and even bigger than the 25x25 one in every issue of Games magazine. A while back I must have posted a blog entry about this, but last night I finally got around to making the clues for it. Checking to see if I use the same words twice is a hassle, but needs to be done IMO. After the clues are all sorted out and there are all non-repeated words, then I can call the thing finished, which was what I did here. You can find this latest creation here: http://www.atari2600.../hugexword7.pdf, as well as its answer, which is here: http://www.atari2600...word7answer.png And if you decide to do this one, please tell me how it went. I don't have a grandma to do these anymore, which is how I got started making crosswords. I used to make them for my grandma. When she died, I kept it up (both making and solving them.) And in other unfinished business I have (I have too many projects going at once!) I stumbled into the Fred the Typewriter song I was making. I added another part to it, so right now it's at 25 minutes long. I have two more parts I need to compose and my goal is to make it be half-an-hour long. Yes, I'm crazy. If Frank Zappa can make a 40-minute song about a mountain (Billy the Mountain), then I can make a 30-minute one about a typewriter. Which reminds me, I haven't run into any new long song MIDIs recently. The MIDI search engine I've been using sucks (www.robotmusic.com) it used to have a lot more then than it does now (no entries for Nine Inch Nails. I was sure someone made a MIDI of "Hurt".)

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