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DS fun

Posted by atari2600land, 30 March 2012 · 427 views

Well, I did something I hadn't done in a long time. I saw my DS when trying to look for something else. It had been in a drawer. So I got out New Super Mario Bros. and put it in. I played my DS. First time in a while since getting the 3DS. Not only did I play my DS, I had fun doing so. And in doing so, I've decided to start collecting for it again. I don't know how since I have almost all the major titles, but there's bound to be something I don't have that I would like to play. Like Giana Sisters DS. Right now i have 172 DS games, some of them still sealed. So i'll be on the lookout for ones I'd like to play or are significant titles that I feel I should own. I feel I'm caught up on 3DS for a while, since there doesn't seem to be anything I want that I don't have right now. And I had been wondering where Super Mario 64 was since I've hadn't seen it in a while. Turns out it had been stuck in a box in the pantry. Took it out, plugged in my N64, and it played perfectly. Nintendo really knows how to build things that last.

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