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Oldies.com (part 2)

Posted by atari2600land, 21 April 2012 · 326 views

Well, those five movies I ordered a few weeks ago (finally) came. So now I have a lot to add to the less than an hour movie site. The two I opened first were the ones that IMDB said were 60 and 61 minutes, but these movies are actually shorter. I don't know if the company cut stuff out or what, although I don't really know what would be objectionable in a movie made in the early 1940s. So now I have something to do that lasts 5 hours. (though not all at once!) I also got a prototype Odyssey box in the mail, so I've started a pre-pre order thread for the "Captain Bruce and His Cosmic Boomerang" game I'm making (made?) It came perfectly fit into a box designed for a computer keyboard. And yes, another 3DS game, "Gem Smashers." I have a lot to do, and wonder when I'll get all this stuff finished.