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Earth Day

Posted by atari2600land, 22 April 2012 · 521 views

I say, what's a better way to spend Earth Day than to work on a video game featuring insects? That's what I did, well, part of it. I added a back story into the game before the title screen and after the "banana presents" screen. I figure, if all the Playstation and other games on CD can have elaborate introductions that you can skip, surely I can. But mine is just two static screens showing images. I need to change the second screen once all the fighters have been designed. My plan is to have them all on a single leaf on a plant with a black background, looking at each other. I already have the foreboding music done. Oh, and I made the theme song's notes back to their "original" lengths. What I did was tweak the note values in the new "Soviet" sound engine until it sounded like what I had before. New thinking about how the sound engine worked led me to do this. Well, anyway, if you have Mednafen or a FlashBoy, the link to the latest build is in my signature. I changed the signature link because it was linking to "Aegis", whereas I decided to change "Aegis" to "Banana," so all my future works beginning with Insecticide will have the "banana" name. Inside in my room on the warmest day of the year so far...perfect (except it's getting kinda hot. Luckily, the 80 degree days will be done by Tuesday, for now.)

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