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The Microvision site.

Posted by atari2600land, 26 April 2012 · 557 views

I made this site for the Microvision, prepping to open it on New Year's Day 2012...then forgot about it. Well, my Microvision had been in a bin along with some art supplies, and decided to take it for a spin to see if it still worked. BlockBuster was broken, Pinball was semi-playable, but Bowling worked great. In the Microvision page I made, I put a tip that will ensure a 300 game every time you play (in Bowling, not, say, Pinball.) I was on my way to 300 a few times, but kept messing up, so after about half-an-hour, I deemed it impossible for me. That's not to say you can't do it, you have to have good timing, and I apparently have sucky timing. Well, anyway, if the Bowling page helped you get a 300 game, please tell me about it. Actually, tell me what you think about the page in general. I had a lot of people view my blog entries on Super Mario 64 2600, but nobody commented on how great (or sucky) the game is. So here is the beginning to a Microvision shrine page. Hope you like it. http://www.atari2600...om/microvision/

The cover for bowling looks like pool!!
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wait, you broke the copy of Block Buster I sold you? Is that why you didn't scan the cartridge like I asked?
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No, I didn't break it. The little things didn't light up the way they were supposed to. I can still scan the cartridge for you if you want.
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