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Everyone needs an enemy...

Posted by atari2600land, 02 July 2012 · 555 views

...even Giuseppe. So even though his final enemy is Fido (who is holding Princess Pomegranate hostage), I added another one. It suspiciously looks like a goomba. I need a different name for it, though. If you hop on it, it dies, but if you run into it, it "kills" you. Right now, though, death doesn't take Giuseppe very far because this build is just like the other one except for the one added enemy. And I spent like three hours or so working on this game today just to make the enemy work. I think I'm beginning to be a little burned out even though I haven't programmed this very much. Maybe I'll take a little break and figure out how to design levels for this and make them be the same every time you power up the Odyssey2 (like Super Mario Bros.) Here's today's build. I'm thinking this will be my first 4k game (or larger) since I don't really think I can fit a whole interesting bunch of levels in just 2k. Right now the way it is, it's a little over 500 bytes.

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I'll be your enemy if you want. I'll hide in your closet, then come out at night and drop boogers into your mouth as you sleep. :D
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Here we have a brand of clothes called Fido Dido. It sounds good here.
But I guess it won't sound good in English to hop on a Dido...
I've seen a similar name in a slight different site some day...
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