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bite sized music

Posted by atari2600land, 11 July 2012 · 538 views

So I got bored again, and thought about writing some music. So I did. I have this ongoing project called "My Butt Hurts." It's kind of like Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts," only the songs are strung together. Each piece lasts anywhere from one minute to two (I think one lasted three). Right now I'm on the seventh one, called "My Butt Hurts Part 7." Each one so far has been at least 15 minutes long, so I'm about half-way done with part 7. But I'm never going to be done with the whole My Butt Hurts thing until the day I die. Sure, I may someday have a "My Butt Hurts Part 19." But I did part one in 2007, then forgot all about it until 2010, then did parts 2-6 from 2010-12. It's a periodic thing (you can tell since it took 2 years to write an hours' worth of music.) I have to be in the mood to compose, so I was, and I did. I wrote a part today I called "Nineteen Tons of Pig Manure". I'm like Frank Zappa when it comes to naming songs. There's a Frank Zappa song called "The Gumbo Variations," but it's a pretty song. Same with his "Peaches En Regalia." Well, anyway, if you're interested, you can listen to it here: http://www.atari2600...butthurtspart7/

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