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I suck at Odyssey2 programming

Posted by atari2600land, 29 July 2012 · 394 views

So, this isn't working. Makes me wonder how I pulled off GoSub when IT had more than one bank. I think that's what the problem is: The program I'm attempting to make is longer than 1,024bytes. I don't know why the Odyssey2 can't have just one 2k bank like the Atari 2600, but no, they had to split ONE 2k bank into two parts. The nerve of Magnavox. Anyway, after about an hour of attempting to get a disassembly of the file, I still can't for the life of me figure out why the stupid thing isn't working. Is it due to the fact that there is no line 0400 (of course, there being a line 0400 yielded the exact same results of the broken binary file.) I don't know. Niece is spending the night over here so if I'm awake at night, I have to be quiet so as not to wake her up. This means no yelling at the computer and no going crazy because the stupid computer isn't doing what I tell it to do (which happens quite often). Add to the frustration that I have to go to the doctor Wednesday and get a blood test even though I have no veins in my arms. Last time they had to take it out of my hand. I am the phlebotomist's nightmare (apparently. Also, apparently there's no such word as "phlebotomist" because it's putting a red line under the word, meaning it's spelled wrong. Oh well, what else do you call it then?) A sucky time to be me for sure, so just be glad you aren't.