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Posted by atari2600land, 18 August 2012 · 420 views

Well, so I went to the used video game store today. Got a 32X with 5 titles (mostly sports. blech.) for $40. So I go home, and I tried to find my Genesis. After a half-hour of looking and getting nowhere, I decide to just give up. I went to the nearer store and got a Genesis. So, with Genesis and 32X in hand, I spent about 15 minutes trying to hook them up to each other. When I was done, I put in a game and voila! It lives! Now I want a complete collection because there's only 37 games for it. And I'd like at least the game along with the box since all 5 of my games came with the box (NBA Jam TE came with a Genesis-style box, the rest are cardboard.) So anyway, now I have a Genesis, 32X and Saturn (I used to have a SMS and Dreamcast, but I sold both of them.) Also, is $100 good for a Genesis with a CD drive attached to it? I thought it was quite a high price. I keep passing on it, lusting for it every time I go there. So if you have any boxed 32X games for sale, give me a PM.

"Also, is $100 good for a Genesis with a CD drive attached to it?"

Do you mean a Genesis + Sega CD, or do you mean a CDX or X'Eye? If it's the latter, the CDX is worth around $100, but the X'Eye goes for a bit less. If it's just a regular Genesis + Sega CD setup, then not even close -- a Sega CD unit in tip-top condition might break $50.
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