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3DS Fun

Posted by atari2600land, 04 September 2012 · 756 views

I'm really exploring my 3DS lately. Owned the thing for nearly a year without knowing that you can go on the internet with it. Just tried it today. The only thing I went to was AtariAge. I also am intrigued by the Nintendo 3DS title "Crosswords Plus," coming October 1. I hope it's better than Nintendo's previous attempt, "CrossworDS" on the DS. I hope it will be available, unlike Shifting World, which I had to get over the internet because it wasn't in stores. Another game I'm anticipating is the Angry Birds Trilogy. I've never played Angry Birds before, but am intrigued with all the merchandise out there. And unfortunately, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has been pushed back to Q1 2013. I beat level 2 of New Super Mario Bros. 2, and only realized there's only 6 levels, with two of them I guess are a secret, just like the other New SMB games. Why not let us play all the levels, Nintendo? If you remember, SMB1, 2 and 3 didn't have secret levels and guess what? They were enjoyable. Anyway, that's what I'm up to.

You can even upload your 3D photos and view 3D photos taken by others

Select the .MPO version to view them on the 3DS. Mine:
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