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XaAES video

Posted by Christos, 26 August 2007 · 501 views
Personal projects
A video of MiNT + XaAES + Teradesk running on 768x576 on the Falcon.

ST offline tournament

Posted by Christos, 25 August 2007 · 502 views
The ST offline tournament is about to begin. Read about it here or in the two threads at atari forum, here and here.

MP3 replay on the falcon. Video

Posted by Christos, 24 August 2007 · 555 views
Personal projects
This is not a game so a new post. I used Didier Mequignon's Aniplayer and a tune kindly donated by 505 and I placed it on youtube. This is the video. 128Kbps Joint Stereo MP3.

Falcon game videos

Posted by Christos, 22 August 2007 · 581 views
Personal projects
It's obvious that falcon gaming videos are rare in this world. This will change soon. With the help of SSB, whom I thank, I made a composite video cable for my falcon and I recorded the first video last night. You can find it here.
It's from the game Running which as you can tell is a Doom...

Atari 2600 Demo Release in Assembly 07

Posted by Christos, 04 August 2007 · 643 views
Trilobit have released a new demo for the VCS in the oldskool demo compo in Assembly 07 that is being held in Finland. I am once again impressed by these guys. The name of the demo is TOM/JONES
Youtube video
Pouet page
The demo is best viewed on a real PAL...

TeraDesk 3.92

Posted by Christos, 26 July 2007 · 415 views
Personal projects
As you may already know, a new version of Teradeskwas released. You can also find attached the Greek translation for this current version. Please contact me for any problems or comments, complaints etc regarding this translation.


Pandora's box :)

Posted by Christos, 11 July 2007 · 302 views
Showing off ;)
What might that be?
Posted Image

What' s inside it?
Posted Image

A closer look?
Posted Image

Why I have been quiet and what I have been up to

Posted by Christos, 19 June 2007 · 215 views

Hello people,
Some of you may wonder (yeah right) why I have been quiet and not updated the blog for some time. There are various reasons, the uni has been taking much of my time and I' ve found myself reading about automobile design in relation to materials selection, Li-ion batteries and superalloys (yes you guessed it when I grow up I will be a...

System Audio Manager - SAM

Posted by Christos, 21 April 2007 · 217 views

When I got my Falcon, a very nice program came with it. System audio manager or SAM for sort. So after being a bit too tired to do anything with my Falcon the past few days, other than watching demos for the relaxing and enjoying effect they have, I toyed today with this little program.
One of it's primary functions, is to assign samples to various...

Zero 5 - First impressions

Posted by Christos, 31 March 2007 · 294 views

Zero 5 is one of the last commercial games to hit the ST. It needs an STE to play but it finds it self on a falcon. The game is a 3d space shooter with fast polygon graphics, an interesting scenario (apart from interesting it's also highly original, evil aliens attack earth for no apparent reason) and there are a lot of missions to complete. The game...

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