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Posted by Christos, 28 March 2007 · 446 views

Time for another update and a new adventure ;). I managed to run MyAES today and I can say that the aesthetics of this software is on a very high level. It makes for an interesting and beautiful working environment for every falcon, Aranym or any Atari capable of 8it colour depth. As you might know, I am running...

Falcon Games Part 3 - The Classics

Posted by Christos, 21 March 2007 · 360 views

When you go back to the days of the Arcades or to the VCS there are a few games that come to mind. Pacman, Defender, Asteroids, Pong. Everyone who makes a game starts from one of these and Falcon coders are no exception. So this is the topic of todays tour into Falcon gaming.
I will start with one of my favourite games, Double Bobble 2000 by...

Falcon Games Part 2 - More commercial

Posted by Christos, 19 March 2007 · 293 views

It's time for part 2. I finished the last one with a platformer, time to get to the FPS genre.
And when we speak about Falcon FPS's there is one game that comes to mind. That game is Running. Running is a doom clone that has very few to envy from it. Now you will probably thing I am a difficult person but fps' s make me...

Falcon Games

Posted by Christos, 19 March 2007 · 269 views

Time for a blog update!
Contrary to popular belief, the Falcon has a small library of more than 100 games. Most of them were originally released as shareware or freeware but there are some commercial ones. In this first post about falcon gaming I will write a small list and a few comments about the commercial games I' ve played. For screenshots and...

Έλληνες Atari ΧρήSTες

Posted by Christos, 12 March 2007 · 195 views

Παρατήρησα έναν σημαντικό αριθμό downloads στις μεταφράσεις του Teradesk και επειδή αυτές αφορούν σε Έλληνες χρήστες, ή έστω ελληνόφωνους, ποιοι είστε; Φανερωθείτε... :)

A trip to Falcon Demos

Posted by Christos, 11 March 2007 · 505 views
I spent this morning watching a few demos for my favourite machine and although this topic has been covered extensively in the scene related websites and publications (diskmags, online even in print) such as the DHS website or the Alive Atari scene diskmag, I thought I should write a few...

Falcon Hardware Wish list

Posted by Christos, 09 March 2007 · 253 views

Just a small list of things I want and I can somewhat afford. A realistic wish list you could say :)
I want an fpu. A 68882 PLCC capable of operating at 25MHz. I found a 16Mhz one for 8.90 Euros. It is supposed to work up to 33Mhz so I guess it will work.
PhantomS. PhantomS is an overclocking accelerator for the falcon030 speeding everything to 25Mhz. And...

New old PC

Posted by Christos, 06 March 2007 · 232 views

My most recent find is a 486/40Mhz Dos, PC I got for free. It has a 250Mb HD a CDROM and two floppies. A 3.5" 1.44 floppy marked as drive B and 5.25" one marked drive A. Oh and a sound blaster 16bit sound card. Upon opening it up I was surprised to see it had virtually no dust inside. Unfortunately it has limited RAM memory, 3.7 MB's, I would...

My Falcon! A real collector's item! LOL

Posted by Christos, 05 March 2007 · 397 views
Showing off ;)
Take a look at my Falcon! A computer in such a pristine condition that everyone would like to get their hands on! But, it is NOT for sale ;)

My Falcon's environment

Posted by Christos, 04 March 2007 · 382 views
Showing off ;)
What do you thing of it? For some strange reason the snapshot program displays this in the screen and I do not know how to avoid it. Maybe start a console to capture it?
MiNT + XaAES + Teradesk + Taskbar + Toswin2 + Clocky +fracIRC.
Oh and please don't comment on the time and date. It' s just a matter of a dead RTC.

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