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Attempt at something new.

Posted by Christos, 31 October 2011 · 782 views

Have you heard my voice?
I guess not, so here is your chance :). I tried to make a new video today, of me presenting my atari falcon 060, what sort of hardware I have, how it all looks like etc. I did it in english for the international crowd and I am not sure how it would appeal to people. So express your views, even if they are on the harsh side (I was never a fan of "nothing positive to say..."), So enjoy the vid.

Your voice sounds ok and just the right speed, although obviously a little difficult for English people to hear certain words, but nothing too bad. The video itself is dark and hard to see the hardware clearly, but you were just doing a quick test video so this is understandable, and you would probably make the quality better on the final video.

I feel like doing a few videos myself of the Falcon doing various things, including music sequencing. I will probably write on paper a short storyboard of what the video will be about, and how it will be done. I like you do not have any quality video cameras or lighting, so it will be hard to get a clear result.

Anyway any new videos featuring the Falcon are welcome, so keep up the good work!
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