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Ubuntu 11.10. Oneiric Ocelot and MiNT 1-17-0

Posted by Christos, 10 February 2012 · 1,101 views

It's been over a few weeks since I decided to move over to Ubuntu from windows. I have a dual boot system but I booted on windows only twice. One time to check something in the hardware from a windows only program, and another to see if it still works. I think I can do all the things I want from that, at the moment at least. Unfortunately I didn't find something like dscaler in order to record videos for my youtube channel so I guess I'll have to learn mencoder. Avidemux seems to be a pretty good replacement for VirtualDub so you'll see some new videos soon.

Another thing that really gave me trouble was mounting my falcon's ide2sd adapter and sdcard I use as hard disk. Even though it has two ext2 partitions and atari-partitions are compiled into the kernel it would refuse to see them no matter what I did. Fortunately ARANYM saved the day. All I needed was to change the IDE 1 settings (i used the xa-my-aes disk image for ide 0) and it worked! I also added a host folder as a hd and now I can transfer files easily. I used an external usb2ide adapter to connect it to my PC. I never managed to do that on windows.

Last but not least, I found X-11 BASIC which is very similar to GFA. It's great to be able to use something so familiar. I already ported one of my programs, with the help of the language author of course..

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