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Taking my fight for justice to Kickstarter.

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 27 July 2014 · 215 views

As some will know, 15 years ago my life was turned upside down by an evil, scheming, manipulative lying female, a criminal justice system that did everything it could to help her and a tabloid press who subjected me to a malicious witch-hunt. It left me with PTSD, on top of a pre-existing severe depression that had been caused by this female and her mothe...

How companies are falling over themselves to give you goodies to support their products...

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 04 October 2013 · 1,070 views

It's a cut throat business these days, this coding lark. Not only do you have to make money, you have to decide which deal to go for.

The fact is that software and hardware companies have been falling over themselves to offer products and services for free for the past couple of years. It's particularly true of those who's products are struggling. Blackb...

FIFA has always had some annoyances but FIFA14 tops the lot.

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 02 October 2013 · 1,843 views

Years ago, I remember buying a copy of Virus for the ST on the strength of a single rave review in ACE magazine. They had just given it their highest ever rating of 98%. I was on holiday in mid-Wales at the time and had gone a bit further south to do some shopping in Swansea, where I picked up the game. It was therefore a few days later when I finally got...

Knew I'd come across one eventually ... an eBay moron.

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 26 September 2013 · 1,118 views

When it comes to eBay, the more you sell the greater your chances of coming across a moron who's behaviour is so unreasonable and his expectations so out of touch with reality that a neg is almost inevitable. Well, that's just happened to me today.

I've been doing some eBay selling over the past couple of months and things have been going pretty well. A...

Another YAR

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 12 September 2013 · 821 views

Nothing ever goes smoothly around here. Doesn't help that when I do get a chance to get some work done, things get frustrating because I ... CANNOT ... DRAW!

It's strange. In the days of the ST and A8, when I was playing around with STOS and PL65, drawing things wasn't really an issue. I could come up with some nice Bitmap Brothers-esque tiles on the ST...

Gloops - A retro retrospective

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 21 November 2012 · 856 views

Three days in March is all it took to get the basics of Gloops down in C# and XNA. At the time I thought it might take a month to finish it off but, for one reason or another, it's taken NINE MONTHS!! Even then it's being released without all its features due to lack of time.So what went wrong?Gloops, in case you didn't know, is my fir...

C++ ... Why don't you just DIE ALREADY?

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 22 October 2012 · 1,678 views

For the past few years I've been spoilt rotten by using a managed programming language. No pointers to worry about (they're there but hidden). No memory management issues. No build scripts to frustrate. C# is as close to a plug'n'play language as you can imagine, particularly when used with its native environment, Visual Studio.

Last week I...

Now's the time to patent "Hello World" for Android.

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 24 August 2012 · 986 views

It's been reported that, as part of their ongoing and very public patent feud, Apple and Samsung have both had products slapped with sales bans in Korea. A court there has ruled that Apple breached two of Samsung's patents while Samsung breached one of Apple's. As a result, both companies' products have been slapped with sales bans. In...


Posted by Tickled_Pink, 19 August 2012 · 969 views
atari 2600, stella, emulator, c# and 1 more...
Last night I decided to do something foolhardy ... convert a c++ project to c#. Specifically I decided to try and convert the Stella 2600 Emulator to C# and XNA. It's only a weekend and late night project, so expect progress to be slow.

So why Stella? Well, no reason but perhaps the question is why bother?

The trick is that anything written in C# and...

Time for the Grand National to take a running jump.

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 15 April 2012 · 863 views

Two horses died yesterday at the Aintree Grand National. It's always been pretty dangerous. Some of the fences are ridiculously high ... so high in fact that the horses don't actually jump them but go through them. Then you have fences like the infamous Beecher's Brook, which have a drop at the other side that the horses don't...