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XNA Loopz Update #1

Posted by Tickled_Pink, 07 October 2007 · 134 views

It's coming along nicely. Thanks to a neat little DLL I came across on Sourceforge, the XNA Windows Loopz project now supports PC Gamepads. :) Keyboard input is also working well. I'm also going to try and get the mouse input to simulate the ST version of the game as well. So there'll be three input options in the game. Toying with the idea of supporting PS2 gamepads with a USB converter but that's probably a bit of an overkill.

It hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd like this week with at least one of the girls being off school most days, so haven't been able to put the time into it. Something that has helped is the class structure I decided upon and mentioned previously here. It really is making my life easier to be able to split various functions into classes. At the moment, I'm working on the splash and menu screens - in particular the output of the large text. This is being done with two classes ... one class (called alphanumeric) defines a single character from an image file and draws it at a specified location, whereas the other (simply called Text) takes the string to be displayed and converts each character into an alphanumeric object before calling the Draw() method in the alphanumeric class for each object.

I'll approach Audiogenic in a couple of weeks to see if they'd be interested in seeing Loopz resurrected on the PC with updated graphics, which they might given the resurgence in recent years in casual games. I'd also convert it to mobile platforms as well - although Audiogenic is really now only a holding company for their past IP, there is a new business by the same people called LostCousins.com; certainly it would be more than possible to add a splash screen advertising the site.