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Cruis'in Twitter - News before the announcement - March 2019

Posted by doctorclu, 27 March 2019 · 70 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy
Interesting news for Bubsy on twitter...
Here is one of the release of the new game and that it is coming out in May!   (Gamestop had no info on this BTW when I had them check)

BBS... the Bubsy Broadcasting System.   I'm a fan of this since I have been calling BBSs Bulletin Board Systems) long before the internet. ...

Cruis'in Kickstarter - afterhours with $17,773 out of $25,000

Posted by doctorclu, 07 March 2019 · 150 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Kickstarter, Bubsy
Art from SpongeFox right before the time ran out...



Here is some love Bubsy got on twitter before and after the kickstarter.....










Cruis'in Kickstarter - 14 hours left and $17,173 out of $25K

Posted by doctorclu, 06 March 2019 · 113 views
bubsy bobcat, kickstarter
As the Bubsy kickstarter comes to a close, here is art from SpongeFox to celebrate the occation.
First he ate the Death Pepper. (see last entry.)  Looks like it lived up to its name...

And this other cute one for the last few hours...


Cruis'in Twitter - 4 days left on the Kick Starter - March 2019

Posted by doctorclu, 02 March 2019 · 131 views
Bubsy Bobcat, Bubsy, Kickstarter
There are four days left on the Bubsy kickstarter to raise $25,000.  So far the counter is at $16,204
Which is actually impressive when you do the math and realize Bubsy has 405 backers!
To help with this Bubsy fan Rusty Everhart has doned the Bubsy costume for some promotional moments to advertise for the kickstarter: