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6 Days till launch - #Bubsy24x1 on Twitter

Posted by doctorclu, 25 October 2017 · 580 views

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6 Days till launch - #Bubsy24x1 on Twitter

I feel like I did when New Horizons whizzed past Pluto, or Cassino crashed into Saturn.  So much data collected that will be reviewed for years.
And as Bubsy fans in the final days before Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back there is a blur of activity on Twitter of hundreds of Bubsy fans (really not kidding, see for yourself...) writing in that we will be quoting some of the best quips for months to come.
But why not join in the fun while it lasts?   "Bubsy" (or someone playing as Bubsy from Accolade/Black Forest) will be answering questions on Twitter clear up till October 31st!   Some of the answers have been hilarious.
Also activity on #BubsyNation, @BlackForestTeam, @BubsyThe_Bobcat.
And there is a new Bubsy trailer! 

So my life has been fun tracking the Bubsy activity, work, other events, and.. learning how to hack rom images on the Atari VCS/2600.  It has been the project that I think I am done, then I look at and say "well let me try this..." and 10 revisions later (that were released, about 50 on my hard drive)  it went from looking like the original "Fast Eddie" rom...
Attached Image
To what it looks like now...
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Now to see if I can learn how to hack sound.  :P
More Bubsy news soon!