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Cruizin' YouTube - August 2018 - Small Clues Bubsy is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Posted by doctorclu, 22 August 2018 · 405 views

TeneseKeshi writes on Aug 16, 2018
"I get to the main point at the 2:30 mark. I'm not sure if I'm being tongue in cheek or dead serious... Just thought I'd make this video anyway... What could possibly go wrong?"

Overall, love the theory.   The exclamation point has seen a lot of use in metal gear...

... I swear they swiped that from Bubsy. 
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Well, it gets around.  I find it hilarious that people see Bubsy as the outdated "radical personality in your face extreme" character, poking at the use of the exclamation mark; and here we see the exclamation mark being used by many.   Could take it a step further I suppose and say that most of the time in games the exclamation mark is used to draw your attention to something.  In the Bubsy games, it is there to draw attention to Bubsy.  :)  
Anyway, I did notice the exclamation point of Bubsy with the diamond at the bottom.   Could have been round and be different from the Metal Gear exclamation point.  I think the difference here is, out of all the exclamation points I'm seeing in other games, one with a diamond shape was not featured.  So maybe they are presenting that to copyright and have distinctively for Bubsy going forward.  Yeh, a solid theory.
Wonder if there is a way to poke into or decompile the Smash Brothers game and see if he is a hidden character?  Hmmm...

Even if he doesn't end up in Smash that Twitter message about 2018 sounds like we are going to see some kind of Bubsy surprise(s) before the year is over.  Maybe Accolade will indeed announce another game.  That teaser at the end of Woolies sure does make me want one even more.  


I noticed his hand gun is gold in that "Bubsy will be back soon..." message at the end of Woolies.  Maybe the golden fleece has the power to change into different stuff like Felix the Cat's bag!  That would awesome! 


Also I think it's possible that he could cameo in Wreck It Ralph 2.

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