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Bubsy News December 2011

Posted by doctorclu, 09 December 2011 · 1,910 views

Bubsy News December 2011 .
Bubsy Shades surface on Ebay!

"Up for sale is a Very Rare and Vintage Promo Item from the Super Nintendo video game Bubsy Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind."

No love for the Genesis version?

"This was not an item that you could purchase, you only received these if you purchased the video game through Babbages, which was a video game store at my local mall."

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Yes, I remember Babbages. I remember going there to find games for my Atari 800 computer and I think the midnineties when Bubsy and all were coming out might have been the end of Babbages.

Let's check Wiki. (Speaking in Bob Barker voice for the Price is Right)... Babbages around till the mid nineties? WIKI SURVEY SAYS....?


Looks like it was wrapped up in 1994 and became "NeoStar". What a lame name! Anyway, they would go back to being "Babbages etc" two years later and go on become GameStop. Cool eh?

Anyway, the shades are cool, and a neat item, much like the promotional item of the Bubsy shirt.

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