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Cruisin the Web July 2012

Posted by doctorclu, 29 June 2012 · 1,615 views

Its Summertime!!
Cruisin the Web July 2012 Hey truly amazing people who, like the Bubster, will never stop, no matter what is thrown at us (and sometimes that is a good way to get free stuff as one Popeye cartoon best illustrated), here are some cool pics I found of Bubsy as I was looking over the net:

Found this one at:
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I always like Bubsy in challenging situations. That seems to be his way. To get stuck, but not neccessarily beaten. Here Bubsy is working through a problem... a really big problem, but working at it all the same. :P

A mini-Comic strip at deviant Art here:

This one also at Deviant art is a great group shot from the Bubsy cartoon:
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Nice! Even has Virgil the scientist on there. Nice touch!!

We have our local favorite, Sponge Fox, with some entries that looked pretty cool:
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Here we have a bunch of Anime-Cats all rolled into one:
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Dancing Bubsy!!!
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(He continues to dance to the music in his head long after the music is over. That is typical Bubsy for you...)

To all the people whose art were featured in today's Bubsy blog, thank you for keeping Bubsy alive and nuts as ever. And if you would like to have some art featured on this blog, drop me a line here on Atariage.

Keep it up, just keep it up!

-Doc Clu