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Wow... a blog....

Posted by s0c7, 20 April 2008 · 494 views

Dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century I guess....

Oh well. I notice other people discuss comic books, music, current projects, etc. I won't be posting very often, so I guess I'll hit all of the above.

My tastes in comics skew to the bronze age. I was a big fan of Atlas Seaboard. For those of you too young to remember or those in other countries, I recommend checking out this website:
Morlock 2001 #3 blew my mind as a child and is still a great read. If you come across it in a bargain bin be sure to give it a look.

As I'm writing this I'm listening to one of my favorite albums - Hawkwind's "Warrior On The Edge Of Time". They are somewhat of a cult band even though people like Lemmy and Ginger Baker have been members at one time or another. Check them out:

And finally... what I've been up to lately. There are no docs yet and there is still work to be done on the game itself. You should be able to figure out what's going on after a few goes. The only thing I will mention, whenever a menu pops up - move the joystick left/right to cycle through your options. Press fire to select.

If you discover any bugs, please let me know.

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