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Jungle Girl Cart

Posted by s0c7, 16 July 2012 · 960 views

As I mentioned last time, my Odyssey2 game Jungle Girl is coming out soon. I'm still putting the finishing touches on it, but it looks like pre-orders have started. I'm not 100% sure what the price is. You can contact Marc via the e-mail link on this page: He's the one putting the carts out.


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If you want to try the old beta version, you can get it here:


Marc has been hard at work pushing out these new O2 games! I <3 it! :)

So far this will be the 3rd game I'm picking up.

EDIT: Good job on the game, look forward to playing it.
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Thanks. The finished product will be much nicer than the last beta that was posted.

And it looks like the run of 30 has sold out. Marc has added 10 more to the run and 2 of those are already gone as well. So I guess anybody who has an interest in getting one, you may want to hurry.
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Just put in a request to get on on the list and get one from Marc. Marc said it will cost 29 EUROS, or around $36 plus shipping.
Looking forward to it.

Just so you know as well I am working with Chris R ( atari2600land ) and I am going to be publishing his O2 game GOSUB on cartridge.
Marc does a fine job, and I do not want to take work away from him. We are looking forward to making this game in the USA
and releasing it from the USA rather than have to go to Belgium ( to get a product that was created in the USA, assembled on cartridge in Belgium,
and then shipped back to USA. ) Shipping is not cheap, either. And the conversions to EUROS and US dollars... I'd rather just see
it made here in the USA and shipped from the USA.
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Are there screenshots? Videos? It may be my browser but I didn't see anything on the link provided.
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Screenshot added. Basically think Seawolf for gameplay. Hit the lions, don't hit the native.
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