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SMS Minimalist Cover Art - Part 2

Posted by LS_Dracon, 20 January 2017 · 590 views
Sega Master System Cover
Second part of my take on classic games as they where released for Master System using this peculiar Art Style.
The joke here is get a game and abstract more you can but yet keep some in-game elements recognizable, and use it as label art.
Do not take them as a serious. 


SMS Minimalist Cover Art

Posted by LS_Dracon, 04 January 2017 · 640 views

People say they're the worst cover art ever, and one of the reasons Sega Master System was a failure in the US.
I kind of agree, but I like them, just not take them as serious.
Here's my redemptions of others famous games as If they're released in this style.  :D
(Drawings from internet)


Hedgehog Xtreme

Posted by LS_Dracon, 02 December 2015 · 574 views

Recently I've decided to start another project (there aren't many to take care, only my biggest Odyssey2 project ever, and save 2 Atari 2600 games in development hell,  other side projects involving sprite drawing and many more games I want to start to code...)
Anyway I already talked about Sonic AXSX in my older blogs. It's a fan game that re-creat...

Game Gear Sprites

Posted by LS_Dracon, 28 December 2014 · 629 views

I don't put the title as Sonic 3 Game Gear to not let people think I'm working on it.
Just found these old sprites on my computer, years ago I was thinking about how good Sonic 3 could be in Game Gear / Master System. 
I wish I could code this game, but  man, too difficult to do it alone.
Sonic 3 is my favorite sonic game so...

The Princess (Rescue) is in another castle.

Posted by LS_Dracon, 13 October 2014 · 730 views

Mortal Kombat HD Remix was a fan game project I was following since 3 or 4 years ago.
I'm big fan of classic fighting games, the original MK was one of my favorites, so it was going to be special.
The project goal was recreate the original MK game in high resolution using 3D graphics modeled after the original, respecting the animation, lighting and so on...

Project Space Mockup

Posted by LS_Dracon, 16 January 2014 · 784 views

Today I have a good idea for a space shooter game.
I'll not work on it, lot of others priority projects on to do list, so it's just an idea I'm throwing.
The game place in a solar system invaded by aliens. This means stages alternating between planets and space.
The aliens are displayed in rows just like Demon Attack, but each alien have uni...

Dead Punk

Posted by LS_Dracon, 23 August 2013 · 616 views

Another variation of technique I call hyper sprite .Also the making of sprite set and what I needed to do for convert it to Atari 2600 graphics. Believe, this was the easier part, making the kernel was the difficult thing, thanks to HMOVE hardware bug.I'm listening right now Tenpole Tudor, very cool early 80's punk band from UK. Together with Toy...

Two fan games that worth a look (part 2)

Posted by LS_Dracon, 11 June 2013 · 916 views
fan games
In 2011 I've post about 2 fan games that I was looking at : Sonic 2 HD and Card Saga WarsSee the entry here Time to update the status of them and talk about another 2 games, coincidently another sonic and fight game.Sonic 2 HD was over. The group involved with this project release a working demo last year but soon after they quit to work on it. Doesn...

Fighting Games

Posted by LS_Dracon, 26 October 2012 · 710 views
Quick image edits I did for fun, because it's easier than code the games.

MK for the Neo-Geo AES
Killer Instinct for the Genesis
King of Fighters 94 for the Snes

Two fan games that worth a look

Posted by LS_Dracon, 13 November 2011 · 861 views

There are two fan games I following the progress and they are great!

The first one is Sonic 2 HD remake.

The objective is remake the classic Sonic 2 (the best of all Sonic games, although I love Sonic 3 because the graphics) in High Definition graphics.
Everthing is done from zero, even the animation of the characters (wich are made by hand using...

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