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Two fan games that worth a look (part 2)

Posted by LS_Dracon, 11 June 2013 · 921 views

fan games
In 2011 I've post about 2 fan games that I was looking at : Sonic 2 HD and Card Saga Wars

See the entry here

Time to update the status of them and talk about another 2 games, coincidently another sonic and fight game.

Sonic 2 HD was over. The group involved with this project release a working demo last year but soon after they quit to work on it. Doesn't clear why, it seems they fight each other about silly things. Ego, probably.

Card saga wars is not dead but they didn't update the project since 2011, not surprised, it is a very ambitious project and the quality of the characters sprites and animations are awesome. Too much effort for a free fan game. At least there are a couple of fighters already running.

Well now I'm looking at another sonic project : Sonic AXSX (stands for Another Sonic Xtreme)

This is a recreation of the Sonic Xtreme, an unreleased sonic game for sega saturn planned for 1996. If you're not familiar, there are videos of demo version in youtube.
The story of this game is long, check wikipedia to know more.

Chris Senn, the original programmer, leaked some informations as well bitmaps (sprites and textures) about the project years ago, and someone took these source to recreate the game using Unreal Engine.

The game has an unique perspective, using fish eye lens to make it looks spherical. I don't know who is working on this recreation, I assume it's the owner of the youtube channel I fond the video. BTW it's a very talentous programmer, the game looks and feels exactly like the saturn prototype. Check it out :


Second game I want to talk about is Mortal Kombat HD.

Just like the sonic 2 hd, they are recreating the original mortal kombat in high definition, all the caracters are made using CG, a very well done job must I say. Since all the animations are remade, they're using more frames, giving a more fluid animation than the original. The stages and musics also are being remade. Check this video about the 2 only characters already done, scorpion and sub zero :


I read in comments that all the stages and musics are done. The music are remixed by this guy, if you're a mk fan like me, you will know how good these remix are :


Check the channel of these guys to know more about making of and others stuffs.

And before I forget, how about Star Fox for sega genesis?

Someone got the 3d models from snes game and put into a stock sega genesis. The game runs slow, 9-12 fps (original star fox ran at ~15 fps)
It's more a proof of concept than a homebrew.
Too slow to be playable, but still a impressive effort, I mean, it's not even using a SFX chip to do the calculations, just the genesis native processor :


Sadly I don't know the forum / place where all these games are in discussion.

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