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Dead Punk

Posted by LS_Dracon, 23 August 2013 · 625 views

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Another variation of technique I call hyper sprite.

Also the making of sprite set and what I needed to do for convert it to Atari 2600 graphics.

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Believe, this was the easier part, making the kernel was the difficult thing, thanks to HMOVE hardware bug.

I'm listening right now Tenpole Tudor, very cool early 80's punk band from UK. Together with Toy Dolls, Damned and Sex Pistols my favorite punk bands from that era.

Below, the Atari 2600 rom if you want.

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It looks good but the skull would stand out more with a darker background in my opinion. The sprite that is 1st on the left on the 2nd row of the sprite sheet looks very good.
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The light gray (white) in background is needed to use on skull, I can set black pixels to hide the white around the object but I'll lost the outline information I like to keep in my sprites.

The sprite you like is the original, others 2 are modifications to fit the technique limitations (16 pixels wide for black pixels, 2 colors limit for each line + background white ).

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