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Project Space Mockup

Posted by LS_Dracon, 16 January 2014 · 788 views

Today I have a good idea for a space shooter game.
I'll not work on it, lot of others priority projects on to do list, so it's just an idea I'm throwing.
The game place in a solar system invaded by aliens. This means stages alternating between planets and space.
The aliens are displayed in rows just like Demon Attack, but each alien have unique behaviors. Some of them just stay shooting while others fall down to the player ship.
After some alien waves, you fight against a mother ship, and can move for the next stage. The objective is clear the solar system, then jump to another and goes on.
Let's talk about technical stuffs. Keeping only GRP1 for the aliens I can draw explosions with GRP0. The star field in space levels are made by BL, while in the planet another kernel draw the environment using PF1, much like in Space Chase.
I have options to change the player size and numbers, to make lot of unique alien ships. Naturally each alien ship will have own color and look.
Follow the mock up, sorry for the low quality, this is a quick drawing. The space level shows all the possible objects on screen and the planet stage shows the kernel options for each row. Only in the bottom row the aliens shoots or fall against you.
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I see the mockup, and as much as I try, I just can't get N.E.R.D.S out of my mind.

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It's that all bad? LoL


I have a personal statement : "What really matter is the idea. The idea development get better with experience and time."

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