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Hedgehog Xtreme

Posted by LS_Dracon, 02 December 2015 · 580 views

Recently I've decided to start another project (there aren't many to take care, only my biggest Odyssey2 project ever, and save 2 Atari 2600 games in development hell,  other side projects involving sprite drawing and many more games I want to start to code...)
Anyway I already talked about Sonic AXSX in my older blogs. It's a fan game that re-creates the canceled Sonic Xtreme originally planned for Sega Saturn (and PCs) in 1996.
The game was very interesting in many ways, mostly because the perspective know as fish eye lens, which makes the game revolutionary for the time.


I did a Sonic model in 3ds max (yes, I used to 3d modeling ages ago) trying to match the original sonic model, in order to make new animations for the AXSX project.
It seems I'm making some progress, here's the result.
The first image is a my model (a old version, I have a better model now), the middle image is original model, for reference. And the last is the comparison between the original sprite and the new one.
If you think make the model is difficult, it was not, makes the color, lighting and camera angle almost close to original took me days! 
Well, it's what I'm doing for now, all my others retro projects is on hold.

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