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Persian Prince 2600 - Guardian sprites

Posted by LS_Dracon, 22 September 2009 · 1,497 views

I've finished all the guardian sprites for the PoP project.This gif show more or less the final result. I have better sprites here, just not update them to the gif (it's quite boring). The animations are : 1 - stand, atack pose 2 - walking - 3 - Touché! - 4 get hit - 5 die with pain!The block animation (defending the prince attacks) is done also. Hm... I need draw the special death such split by half if the guardian goes to trap (that kind of "wall blade", don't know the name of that).The dead animation don't know if possible to look like that. It doesn't require a special color table for each frame, the trick is to move the sprite vertically (and the color must follow the sprite) see the example below, but I don't know if the kernal support this.Trust me, the animation looks even cooler in motion. These animations uses a static position and don't make much sense. Just for record, the grey pixels is a missile object, it share the same player color, you notice I use some pixels sometimes to draw the feet. I'm using another color to help me in the binary conversion. Get hit and die animation require a bit more work. What really matter is how they look in the real hardware, not in this gif.Feel free to post feedbacks, critics and others. I don't care if you say it's sucks, since you spot me what exactly sucks. :)

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Looks GREAT to me. thumbsup:
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Thank you, Thomas :)I post a new gif, to shows some of the guardians color scheme.
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Nice! This is one of the projects I'm looking forward to seeing completed :ponder:
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Me too ;)
And the amazing is, althoug this game seems complex, it's fit perfectly the vcs hardware :
- 2 Sprites per row, using both missile for sword or increase the sprite resolution.
- Ball for falling bricks (my suggestion, don't know if possible)
- Fixed screen, assimetrical playfield for level design.
- Like the original, this game uses 1 action button only.
Everthing flicker free! ;)
Ok sometimes there's a guardian and one trap at same row, and the flicker is necessary, but it's a rare case.

The biggest problem on the vcs was the ram. However with melody cart it's no more a problem.
The universe is conspiring for this game be real :ponder:
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That looks really excellent!

I've seen sprite rips from just the prince, and there must be hundreds of frames for him alone. I can't imagine how much work converting everything is going to involve.
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I think less...
Some animation share common sprites.
Another very rough calculation by head :
Step,jump,run,fall,climb,drink... Each animation with about 10 frames = 60
The sword fight I think uses the same number of the guardian, about 35
And other small animations or sprites alone, really don't know here, let say about 15 sprites...
110 in a very very rough number.
Nathan, join with me and Le Geek! :ponder: Let's create a sprite team for this project! What you think?
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I think less...
Some animation share common sprites.

True - there looks to be a lot of duplication and trimming that could be done in there.

Nathan, join with me and Le Geek! ;) Let's create a sprite team for this project! What you think?

Thanks - but I think I'd just like to watch and see what you guys come up with. :ponder:
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I've post all the sprites of the guardian I did. I need to check if I miss something.
See, there's not much sprites. The trick is the recovery animation.
These sprites is set right after get hit, attack and defense anim.
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Awesome work again. Perhaps you could do the Prince fighting frames next? This would let me program the fighting code, as this will be once of the most complex parts of the game.

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I'm not working on prince sprites because Le Geek still interessed to draw them.
What I could do is create quick (and ugly) sprites as placeholder, with all frames and once Le Geek comes with new sprites, just change the graphic data.
It's ok for you?
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